Prague and Munich

This weeks adventure took seven of my friends and I to Prague and Munich! We started our weekend off in Prague by staying in the Wenceslas Square Hotel. The hotel was in a great location, had Wi-Fi, and a breakfast buffet. I would recommend staying here if anyone needs a place to stay in Prague. We had to spilt up into two groups of four because there wasn’t a room big enough to accommodate us all. I got lucky because the room I stayed in was absolutely huge. It reminded me almost of a dance studio. The best part was the beds were QUEEN SIZED BEDS! I think I slept like a starfish Friday night because I was so happy to have a big bed again. The only downside of the hotel was that our room didn’t have a shower. All we had was a bathtub and no curtain.

We started our day by stopping to get coffee at Starbucks and with drawing money because they don’t use the euro. After that we walked to the Old Town Square. The architecture was a lot similar to the architecture in Budapest but more colorful. The Square didn’t have much other than little restaurants and people hustling you to join their Segway tour. After wandering around for a bit we went to the Charles Bridge. The bridge took nearly 50 years to complete and was the only connection between Prague’s Old Town and the Little Quarter. The bridge was super cute because it was filled with people playing music and dancing around. We listened to a little music and looked at what the street vendors were selling before we made our way to the John Lennon wall. We had to stop and rub a statue of a monk because it’s supposed to give you good luck. I rubbed the monk for a good two minutes just to be safe. The John Lennon wall wasn’t what I expected. It figured it would be a lot bigger and have more specific pieces of art. A lot of the wall was just a mix of vibrant colors. However, it was still really cool and to make it even better a man was singing acoustic John Lennon songs when we showed up. It really just set the scene.

We took way too many pictures by the wall before moving on to the Prague castle. The castle sits up on a hill and overlooks the entire city, which made for a beautiful view. We arrived right when they had the changing of guards. I would say that it was cool to watch but there were so many people and the guy in front of me was well over 6 feet tall. However, my friends told me that it was pretty cool but that I didn’t miss much. We got tickets to tour the Prague Castle that allowed us to walk around the grounds area. The castle is were the Czech Kings used to live and the President currently lives. We didn’t do the audio tour, which I think would have helped a lot because there were not many signs describing what things were. The inside was huge and more up to date than I thought. I assumed that it would be dark and creepy but that definitely wasn’t the case. On the grounds there was a cathedral that had the most beautiful stain glass windows that I have seen so far. It was absolutely massive on the inside and freezing because it was made from stone. We went inside a tower on the grounds that used to hold prisoners. There were several torture devices that were kind of uneasy to think about. It blows my mind to think about the different forms of torture that people carried out. We roamed through the rest of the grounds for another hour or so then decided to head to the hotel. We had to make another stop by the John Lennon wall because the first round of pictures just wasn’t cutting it. On our way back we stopped at a shop to get a trdelink, which is a donut cone with ice cream inside. You cannot go to Prague and not get this. I had vanilla ice cream, a little chocolate sauce, and warm, mixed berries in mine. Thankfully they don’t sell them in Italy because I would be eating them daily.

Lauren and I tried to find a store to buy a cheap converter because mine didn’t work in the outlets in Prague. Somehow we ended up at a four-story mall and left with a lot of clothes and no converter. We finally made it back to the apartment and got ready for dinner and the clubs. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant we went to but I wasn’t overly impressed with my meal. I had roast and dumplings but it was an extremely small portion and tasted a little strange. The beer was cheap and good though! After dinner we went to Karlovy Lazne, which is a five-story club. Each floor was a different theme and had people of all age groups. My favorite floor was the 80’s floor. We were too poor to afford coat check so we danced all night with our coats around our waists. We got a lot of weird looks and locals pointing and laughing at us but we had a blast.

The next morning we hopped on a bus and headed to Munich. We went to Dachau Concentration Camp, which was an eye opening experience. I’ve learned about the holocaust for years but to actually see it made me realize how real it was. The camp was originally created to hold German’s who spoke out against Hitler but quickly changed purposes to hold only Jews. The admin building was extremely informative about what life in Nazi Germany and Europe was at the time. The camp didn’t use gas chambers but it’s supposedly rumored that it actually was used a few times. It took roughly three hours to go through the entire camp but I could have easily spent more. There is so much to read and look at that you could spend an entire day there. We finally left the camp and headed to our hotel. Our hotel had horrible Internet and was somewhat far from the more touristy area of Munich. Next time I would definitely pay more to a better location. We spent the day wandering through Munich then came back to our hotel to get ready for dinner at the German beer hall. The Strong Beer Fest was currently going on so everyone was dressed up in traditional German outfits. We thought only the workers would be wearing them but literally everyone was. We screamed American. The beer came in giant liter mugs and the food was really good. I’m not sure exactly what beer I ordered but it was really good. Every beer we had was really good so I think it’s impossible to go wrong. After dinner was severed a live band came out and everyone got on their chairs and danced all night. It was a really great experience and the people we met were so nice. If you are ever in Germany during any type of beer fest you have go. It was one of my favorite experiences in Europe so far.

The next day we had a bike tour of Munich scheduled. It was a whopping 35 degrees out. The tour took us all over the major parts of Munich but I honestly don’t remember much because I could only think about how cold I was. We went into this giant public park that has a river in it that people surf in. It was really cool to watch but I don’t know how they can do it in such cold weather. They must have been clinically insane. The tour would have been a lot more fun if it was nicer weather. Our group had 16 people that made it really hard to get places because we would have to stop to let people catch up that got stuck at stop lights. After our tour we walked around old town but didn’t have enough time to go inside before our flight left. I wish I would have been able to see more of Munich but it just gives me another reason to come back.


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