This weekend was supposed to be dedicated to writing my final papers for my classes but somehow I ended up on RyanAir and booking a flight back to Greece. I mean who really would rather write about drone warfare or Chinese geopolitical relations over going to Greece? Exactly. No one. I couldn’t pass up the trip when I found the tickets for 32 euro round trip! Majority of my roommates had other plans for the weekend except for Lauren and Renee so they booked the flight as well. We began our journey to Greece by boarding an over night bus to Rome at 11:30 pm. We would have left early Friday morning but our flight was at 7:50 am so we had very limited options. Our bus dropped us off at the bus station in Rome at 4 am and the station didn’t open until 5 am, which was a slight problem because we needed to take the tram from the bus station to the airport. We didn’t really know what to do or what around us was open so we camped out outside and used the towels we packed as blankets. It was an interesting experience to say the least but all we could do was laugh the entire time.

After our cold, little camp out we finally made it to the airport. We didn’t have much time but were hungry so we stopped at McDonald’s to get some food. As we were standing in line for our food we realized our gate was closing in 5 minutes. I wasn’t about the pass up food so that’s how I found myself running through the Rome airport with a McMuffin in my hand. It was worth it. We got to Chania (pronounced Hen-e-a…not China like we thought) and started talking to a girl who was also staying at the same hostel as us, which worked out to our favor because we all split a taxi. It was a lot faster than taking public transportation and saved a lot of confusion. The second we got to our hostel room we put our stuff away, grabbed a gyro, then headed to the beach. We laid out for the entire afternoon then went back to our hostel to get ready to go walk around the downtown area. The town had a lot of cute little shops and big ones like Zara, H&M, and Berksha. We walked around until we found a place to eat dinner then got a taxi back to our hostel. We were tired from our bus and the flight so we decided to stay in that night.

The next morning we went on a glass bottom boat tour for an hour. The boat actually had a glass bottom so you could see the ocean and aquatic life, which was really cool to see. The boat went to a small island from the port where those with leprosy where sent. The boat stopped and we were able to go snorkeling and feed the fish. I was a little nervous at first because I was afraid it would be freezing and that the fish would bite me but I overcame my fears and am glad I did it. We met a Polish couple on the boat who had a GoPro and took some cool underwear pictures for us. I made Renee ask if they would email them to her. It’s been about five days and we still haven’t gotten them. We’re all holding out hope that they actually send the pictures because they were really cute. After the boat tour we went back to the beach and spent the day laying out. It’s just my luck that I fell asleep with my sunglasses on so now I’m rocking some super cute raccoon eyes. #BLESSED. We got ready for the night and went out the a club called Senso. I’m not sure if Greeks naturally look young or if we were at a high school club but we definitely felt out of place but still had fun. Neither of us can dance so we did a lot of awkward arm flailing and mumbling because we didn’t know the words to the songs. It was fun to act like be silly for the night since we knew we’d never see anyone again.

Sunday was our last day and began with a gyro for breakfast just like every other day did. I’m not even kidding when I say that I had a gyro for every meal while I was here. I’m obsessed. We had lunch at a little restaurant then went back to the beach for the rest of the afternoon because our flight didn’t leave until almost 6 pm. Our trip to Greece was extremely relaxing and filled with gyros. It was a nice change to travel with a tiny group of people compared to the herd we had in Amsterdam. I loved being able to travel with all my friends but it was nice to go somewhere and not feel like you had to strategically plan out your day to see the most of the city as possible. I would book another trip back to Greece in a heartbeat if I had the time.


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