Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

As the semester winds down, one of our final trips has come and gone. This weekend was the last trip with the group of girls that I have grown to love, and occasionally hate, over this past semester. We had booked this trip a few months in advanced through the Florence for Fun tour group. We weren’t really sure how easy it would be to get around since the more south you go, the less English is known. I think it is a trip that have easily been done on our own but with ten girls it can be a little tough. We departed late Thursday night and took a bus to Sorrento. We didn’t arrive until a little after 2 a.m. so we checked into our rooms and went back to sleep.

Our day began early Friday morning with breakfast then a ferry ride to the island of Capri. The ferry only took a half hour and then we finally landed on the beautiful island of Capri. Our group had scheduled a boat tour around the island of Capri, which I would recommend if you go. The island is small so there isn’t a whole lot to do other than mosey around the little souvenir shops. We could have skipped the boat tour and laid out on one of the beaches all day but how often do you get to ride around Capri for an afternoon? I enjoyed being able to see the island from a different point of view than you normally would. We had absolutely perfect weather, great company, and good tunes. What else could a girl ask for? A few of the girls jumped in the water and got stung by jellyfish. I was too chicken to get in because I knew how cold it was going to be. I was satisfied with my decision after the jellyfish reports but everyone said it only hurt for a few minutes. We continued on with our tour and made a stop to go inside the Blue Grotto. If you are on a budget and do not have 13 euro to spend, then save your money. It’s definitely something to experience once. You pack into a tiny boat with 3-4 people then you have to lay back because the entrance to the cave is so narrow and small. Once we got inside our boat driver started singing opera as loud as he could, which echoed even louder off the walls of the cave. We literally did one lap around the cave that we were probably inside for less than a minute and a half. It was cool to see inside and it was something to experience, but it you can’t or are on the edge – skip it. We got back onto our boat and continued to cruise around the island until lunch time. After lunch we spent the rest of the day looking at the little shops then sitting on the beach and watching the sunset. We headed back to the ferry to get back in time for dinner provided by the hotel. Majority of the group we came with went out to this small, rooftop (used loosely) bar called the English Inn. I was tired from the day decided to catch up on some much needed sleep since we had an early start for the next day.

Saturday was potentially one of my favorite days abroad. We went to Positano where the infamous pictures of colorful houses on the edge of a cliff are. I spent the entire day on the beach and went to this cute little sandwich shop to get something to eat later in the day. I don’t know why it was one of my favorite days because I spent almost 6 hours in the sand. I think I loved it so much because I was able to reflect on the amazing experience I have had over the last few months. I truly am so lucky to have spent the last four months traveling the world and doing things I have always dreamed about. I could ramble on for hours about my thoughts and things I have been lucky enough to see and the day at the beach gave me time to reflect upon it. After a long day of lying out and occasionally jumping in the freezing ocean, we headed back to our hotel in Sorrento. After dinner we cleaned up and went to the English Inn for a little fun. We ended up dancing with an old man half my size and roughly 70 years old who was absolutely breaking it down. The workers told us that he comes to the Inn every night and dances the night away regardless of if there’s 50 people on the dance floor or if he’s the only one. Props to him for living life and not caring what others think.

Sunday was our last day in the Amalfi coast and we spent it looking through the ancient ruins of Pompeii and climbing Mount Vesuvius. It’s amazing how much of the ruins archeologists were able to uncover. It’s also interesting to me that the ancient city had an amphitheater, multiple stores, intricate streets, and a brothel. I always imagine the ancient people to be similar to cavemen or unintelligent but that is definitely not the case. I recommend taking a walking tour or audio tour of the ruins because otherwise it would be very difficult to understand what things are. After we toured the ruins we took a bus to the base of Mount Vesuvius so we could climb to the top. The hike wasn’t terrible but it was a little steeper than I imagined it to be. I’d say that it would take about 30 minutes at a normal pace with no stops to make it to the top. Once we got to the top we hung around and enjoyed the view before we had to come back down to make our trip home. If you are ever in Italy, you have to make your way to the Amalfi Coast. It was one of my favorite trips and I’m already dreaming of going back.


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